You are a child of the universe.

No less than the trees and stars, you have a right to be here - Max Ehrmann

Hope and Healing Social Work and Counselling is currently closed for individual therapy referrals.
Please consult with your general practitioner to assist with finding a suitable mental health professional who is open for referrals.

For information about how Hope and Healing Social Work and Counselling is responding to the Coronavirus, please click here

Hope and Healing Social Work and Counselling was developed by me, Gabbey, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker who, after many years of working as a social worker on the Sunshine Coast, had a dream to create my own private practice, one that would provide quality, affordable and holistic mental health care to those who needed it most.       

When you access therapeutic mental health support through Hope and Healing Social Work and Counselling you will be met with kindness, compassion, respect and empathy. Along with this, you will be supported to find the answers and strength within yourself to develop the hope and healing you need to really live, rather than just exist.     

I believe that sometimes, to overcome the challenges that life throws at us, we need a tribe around us, though sometimes tribes are not that easy to find. So part of the holistic service that I provide here at Hope and Healing Social Work and Counsellng Service involves exploring with you any other supports and services you might find helpful on your journey and, if needed, I'll support you to make those connections.   

Alice: "How Long is Forever?"

White Rabbit: "Sometimes Just One Second." - Lewis Carroll

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